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I wonder why human mind is fickle and full of uncountable ripples, Is this the reason human beings suffer & always walk like they are crippled!    Modern society has become very brittle, The way & approach is no more flexible, I miss those days when everybody was joyous & people never missed any chance… Continue reading ‘Ripples’


‘Happy Birthday’

This is dedicated to all those who are celebrating their Birthday today 🙂   Today’s morning shine is special, Birds are dancing & the breeze is gentle! This is the day you saw first sight of light, Being in your presence is a wonderful delight! I wish you will continue people to inspire and will… Continue reading ‘Happy Birthday’

Happiness · Life

‘Happy Human beings are Harmless’

Have you ever noticed that when you are really happy, everything seems to be fine in your life? If you are happy and you happen to see someone whom you don’t like, there is more likely that you will embrace that person instead of fighting with him, simply because you are in a pleasant state… Continue reading ‘Happy Human beings are Harmless’