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‘Life will play tricks on you’

Once it happened, there were three Indian philosophers who were waiting on a railway station. The train was already parked on the platform, However, there were still 25 minutes for it to leave. All three of them decided to sit on a tea stall right adjacent to the platform to kill the time. One of them started a discussion on a certain topic and soon they were almost in a fight mode while talking to one another. It was like a war of words which was going on. Nobody seemed to agree with what the other person was saying. 

Soon 25 minutes were over and it was time for the train to leave. The wheels started rolling on the rails and all three of them were completely unaware of it. When half of the train had already left the platform, Suddenly one of them observed that the train was leaving. They stood up quickly and started running briskly after the train so as to at least get into any one of the compartments. They tried best to run with their protruding stomachs huffing & puffing, However, only one of them could make it and that too in a general compartment which is usually the last bogie in any Indian Train.

A porter in the station was carefully watching the whole show. He saw both of them sitting on the platform crying. He went up to them and said, ‘Why are you guys crying?  You both should be happy that at least one of you could actually make it. Both of them replied in a single voice, ‘The person who boarded the train had actually come to see them off and they were the ones who were supposed to board it and they started crying again. On the other hand, the person who was sitting in the train was also beating his forehead, desperately waiting for the next station to come so that he could get out of it.

Lesson: Life will give you all that which you expect and which you don’t, depending on what kind of choices you make. Make sure you enjoy all of them, Else suffering will be your constant companion in one way or the other.


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