‘Respond, Do not React’

Once upon a time, there was an Old man having a pair of donkeys, One of them was quite old and the other one was just growing up. Those two donkeys were the source of his living. He used to load them with vegetable jute bags and then used to transport those vegetables to the local market and that’s how he was earning a living. On a certain day, the old man had a very tiring schedule. It was late in the evening, he left the two donkeys open for grazing and just laid down on his bed to take rest. Soon he was fast asleep. In the morning as per routine, he woke up early and started preparing for his work. To his surprise, there was only one donkey (The younger one) standing outside and the other one was missing. He went here & there looking after him. Then suddenly when he called upon the name of that donkey, he heard the noise of donkey’s braying (hee-haw, hee-haw…………!). Although the old man couldn’t see him, he noticed that the noise was coming out of a well which was at the very edge of the village and was now dry. He went towards the well and found that donkey was inside of it. On seeing the master he started braying aloud. The old man went into a deep thought as to how to pull such a big animal out of the well. Although the well was not too deep, it was difficult for an old man to single-handedly do this job.

Another farmer was just passing by and hearing the commotion he came to that old man & asked what happened? He pointed towards the donkey who had fallen into the pit. The old man asked the other person if he could help him in taking the donkey out. The other person was very cunning and tried to brainwash the old man. He said, see this donkey is already too old and you spend much more on him than the returns which you get from him. Let’s do one thing, anyway this donkey is going to die soon, let’s bury him in this well only. At first instance, old man hesitated, but after few more convincing lessons he agreed to do it. Both of them took shovels and started throwing the soil over the donkey. Initially, the donkey couldn’t understand what was going on. But soon he also realized the gist of what was happening.

The donkey was very nervous, but suddenly an idea came to his mind. Whenever they used to throw soil over him, he used to shake his body, throw the soil off the ground & stand on the top of it. Slowly the level started rising and donkey kept doing the same. Soon the level reduced to an extent where the donkey could actually jump and get out of the well. That old man was surprised seeing the wisdom of that poor donkey. This left him teary-eyed & wanted to hug him in joy, but the moment he tried to do that, Donkey gave him a tight kick on his face and galloped away into the jungle & never came back. The donkey applied his mind & responded to the situation. If he would have reacted he would have been buried alive & dead by now.

Moral: What people throw at you is not your concern, What you make out of it is 100 percent your choice & will decide the quality of your life.


Peace & Love!

3 thoughts on “‘Respond, Do not React’

  1. It’s a beautiful fable which I would love to share with my kids . The action is more important than the reaction. We all take the position of this donkey in our lives and very few of us are meticulous enough to use our brains.

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