Life · Poetry

‘Life & Death’

Life and death are not different, these are two facets of a single aspect;

This is human mind who creates duality & always wants everything to dissect!


Life and death co-exist in everyone, these two we can never separate;

With every inhalation there is life, with every exhalation there is death!


There is only life all around, death is essentially creation of an ignorant,

The one who doesn’t recognize this reality, he will remain a lifelong insurgent!


If your experience is limited to physical, suffering will be a constant companion;

If you learn how to transcend physicality, the experience of life will be deep like a canyon!


We are like soap bubbles in the space, floating around carrying life within us,

When the time comes for the payback, bubbles get burst & we are back to our source!


What we call as life & death are fundamentally different dimensions of life,

One who knows this through experience, for him liberation cannot be denied!


Let’s strive to work enough upon us and let’s get rid of the whirlpool of mind,

Let’s make us in such a way, that nothing in this world can make us grind!



With love for life!




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