Life · Poetry

‘LOVE: A Poetic Expression’

Love is a state of complete abandon, an unknown territory every next moment;

When you lose the very sense of you, the blossoming of love is a natural phenomenon!


Love makes your ego disappear, the identity stands still and you feel so small;

You can not stand in love, you cannot rise in love, the only option with love is to fall!


Love leads to a strange state of union, suddenly you start liking the worldly commotion;

Something which you could have never done in life, you start doing it for sake of somebody’s emotion!


Love breaks the very boundaries of who you are & shakes you from within to become more sensitive;

Love helps you peel off the imaginary drama and makes you more existential & naturally inquisitive!


Beware that love is a vulnerable field, Be prepared before you plough this territory;

If you dive without the necessary preparation, you are bound to suffer the reality!


Sometimes love gives you a reason to live, Sometimes it becomes a reason to die;

Once you choose to be in love, make sure you hold it & never say goodbye!


Love is the most wonderful gift of nature, we all are blessed to have it in our life;

Let’s pledge together that we all will live lovingly & will allow the love to eternally rise!



With love for life!












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