Life · Poetry

‘The Caged Bird’

Sitting in a cage a bird is tweeting, when will I get free these words he is repeating;

His mother must be worried that her child never returned, Out of this pain, she must be weeping!


Every morning when the sun rises from the horizon, the bird stands up & he starts to chirp;

I have the feeling, he wants his freedom, and is not going to lose any hope!


When his master comes up & gives him food and water, the bird closes his eyes & tries to hide in a corner;

This occurs to me that he is in deep fear and sometimes it seems, his heart is full of despair!


One Sunday morning his master opened up the cage & asked the bird to take his flight;

The bird hesitantly came out of it and flew away into the sky becoming out of sight!


The empty cage is still hanging out there, reminding me of the drama of life;

I wish this cage remains empty for always, Coz I don’t want one more life to Strife!



With love for life!













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