Life · Poetry


My Friend! How lucky I am to have you in my life, Words are falling short but still I will try;

I wonder if I had not met you, My life would have been plain and dry!


The way we met was completely strange, it’s difficult for me to explain;

If I had not missed that plane, I would have never boarded the train!


Our association started from there, and It’s been now so many years,

The circumstances are now different, but here we are just the way we were!


In between happened many incidents, where I almost was out of hope;

You were there standing by my side & you were there always to support!


I remember the days of our expeditions, Into the wild where there was no disturbance;

Those days are still vivid in my mind, thinking of them brings a state of transcendence!


My Friend, I wish our friendship continues like this & life goes on with moments of bliss;

You were, you are and you always will be, the best person I could ever meet with!



Dedicated to all, who have ‘Friends’ in their life to make it immensely beautiful.

With love for life!










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