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‘Technology, Human Consciousness & Well being’

What a magical life we people are living in today’s time, all thanks to the technological advancements which are happening every moment and every day. All those things which we take for granted today didn’t even exist in our dreams 3 to 4 decades ago. You may take an example of any little or big… Continue reading ‘Technology, Human Consciousness & Well being’

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‘Understanding Human Mind: The Yogic Perspective’

I believe during your high school most of you must have heard & read about ‘Theory of evolution’, which was propounded by Charles Darwin in 1859. This theory primarily talks about the evolution of various kinds of species on this planet. Evolution simply means that organisms change over a period of time to better adapt… Continue reading ‘Understanding Human Mind: The Yogic Perspective’

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‘Love: Not just a 4 lettered word’

Today we are going to step into one of the most beautiful & talked about area of life which is ‘Love’. Although there have been written books about love, movies have been made, poems have been penned; still, love seems to remain a mystery for many of us. We are still struggling with million different… Continue reading ‘Love: Not just a 4 lettered word’