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‘Planet Earth: The mother of all beings'(Looking deep in to Human-Earth Connection)

Earth is just an extension of our own bodies or we can say the earth is our larger body. Our body is nothing but the accumulation of food we have consumed, which comes from the earth. Every tiny or big thing which we are using today, be it food, cars, airplanes, ships, mobile phones etc. comes from digging the earth. When we say digging the earth, It means that essentially all the raw material which makes such technologies possible is inherently present in the earth. That’s why we call earth as our extended body. So our present situation is like this, We are taking care of just our little finger but not our entire body. If the larger body is not good, we will anyway suffer. All lives on the earth is just a recycle. Earth doesn’t know anything else apart from recycling.

Your body is nothing but a loan which you have taken from the earth. If you are conducting your business of life very beautifully and sensibly, the earth will allow you to keep it for a longer period of time, but if you don’t then she is in a hurry to take it back, which we call as death. There is a satire, which goes like this: Everyone who is born has the equal number of breaths allotted to him, it depends on how fast you are consuming it. If you use it fast, you will go early, If you use less you can live more. Although this is just a satire, this seems to fit perfectly well if we look at today’s situation. Those people who are always in hurry and say that they don’t have time, they actually run out of time. When you are in a hurry, you will be obviously raising your blood pressure and heart rates unknowingly. Which might lead to anger, stress, anxiety etc. In fact, this can lead to the heart attack as well. So when it comes to life, we should be very careful of how we are living it. If we are unconscious of what we are doing, then it will bring no well-being to us. We also need to pay attention as to how to use the available resources sensitively, as these are very very limited. If we will not pay attention to it, nature will do it in his own way, and that will be very painful to the human beings. All the disasters which we see in the form of tsunami, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and other things, these are not happening by chance, but these are the consequences of our own choices which we made in the past.

We are exploiting mother earth in a huge way, ignorant of the fact that it’s a very very limited planet. We are recklessly gobbling this planet out. If there is no compensatory plan to overcome this, the day is not far where we would heading towards a sure disaster. When we say the sure disaster, Let’s understand this in the simplest way. What trees exhale, we inhale and what we exhale, trees inhale. So there is a very intimate and never-ending relationship between plant life and human or any other beings. So if plants are dead, we would be dead, as simple as it is. So we as the generation of people have two choices, either we would be the part of the problem or we would be the part of the solution. The very earth in which we walk in is very intelligent, Does it ever happened that you planted a Neem tree and you got the Mango tree. No Isn’t it. This is because the earth carries a tremendous amount of intelligence within it. So it very important that you come in touch with this earth which will help your system reorganize itself. When you are constantly in touch with the earth, the very way your body functions will start to get change. It will rejuvenate your body in many different ways. When someone tells you that you should stay down to earth, this is actually an inferential statement, which means be like an earth, which is a silent intelligence functioning at the background of our life and without which there would be no life.

When it comes to bringing about a change in the society, the very first thing which we need to do is to change ourselves. When I say changing ourselves, it simply means that we need to become truly sensitive towards life. And to become truly sensitive, we need to get rid of our compulsive behavior. Right now, almost 90 percent of the population is functioning by compulsiveness, not by choice. When you behave compulsively, suffering is the natural outcome. You will not only bring suffering to you but to the society as well. The first thing which we need to do here is to accept. Accept that whatever you are right now is because of your choices. This is what we refer to as karma. Karma means actions, Whose actions, My actions. Hence if you bring about this much of awareness that whatever is happening to me is because of the choices I have made, you will naturally move towards the solution. When you accept that I am responsible for what I am right now, your approach will always be to find out the ways using which you can improve. If you think somebody else is responsible for your present situation, then you will always keep on blaming and you will never try to find out a solution.

Lastly, when we are talking about well-being we should not only be talking about human well-being. In today’s world, we think that humans are the most important, significant & central part in these 13.8 billion years of evolution. Let me bring clarity to this myth. Scientists today say that if animals, birds & insects disappear from this planet, the planet will come to an end in a short span of 8-10 years. But if the humans disappear from the planet earth, the planet earth will flourish and explode with life. The age of the earth will increase a million folds. Which clearly shows where humans stand in this evolutionary scale. Literally, we stand nowhere.

Today we all are proudly using the most sophisticated technology and our lives have become very comfortable, but have you ever thought how we have made many species of animals, birds, and insects to go extinct to afford these luxuries. It’s hard to believe, that just for the sake of fun and pleasure, people used to kill wild animals. This is a shameful history. We, humans, have no respect for other life. Definitely today’s modern means have brought a short-term well-being or rather I should say physical comfort to us, But if you ask an animal or a bird or an insect if this is helping them or not. The clear answer is ‘No’. If we look from nature’s perspective, the greatest enemy of nature is we human beings. In such a scenario when we talk about well-being, its a big lie. By just talking about such kind of well-being, we can only bring solace to ourselves.

If we are truly sensitive & concerned about well being, we need to take care of not just human well being, but animal well being, birds well being, insects well being and well being of every other creature in this planet. Because we are not a single happening here, Even a small creature as small as a honey bee or a butterfly plays a significant role in the life cycle. If bees & butterflies are not there, then there will be no pollination in plants & trees, no pollination means no seeds, which means no next generation of plants, flowers, and fruits. This will break the food chain and whole humanity will suffer including other creatures. Now you yourself realize that if a small bee can be so significant to support human life, how important other creatures would be. But we have become blind to this reality. The more educated we call ourselves, the more ignorant & insensitive we have become towards life & nature, unfortunately, this is the hard reality of today’s world. Only when we have an inclusive approach in every aspect, a true sense of well being will arise in individual beings, and this planet will again explode with life and will nurture us as it has always been doing.

From the core of my heart, I bow down to the mighty mother earth. This planet has nourished us, this has made us who we are today and this planet has nourished million other lives and continue to do so. It’s not a small thing. It’s a phenomenal happening. If you have not been touched by it & are not grateful to this phenomenon, it means you have not been touched by life itself. And its high time to start paying attention towards it and experience life. If we don’t pay attention to it, we will have to pay a huge cost for it and the countdown has already started.

In the upcoming article, we would be talking about ‘Karma’ in depth. We will also explore whether we can really dissolve our karmic code to seek the ultimate path of liberation or not. So stay tuned…..!

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11 thoughts on “‘Planet Earth: The mother of all beings'(Looking deep in to Human-Earth Connection)

  1. nice article and its very true in this era, humans has transformed to heartless machines. i have seen many tribal people following traditions and customs that are nothing but just a pay back to nature(a very nice approach). We should learn to respect nature.

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  2. Beautifully written and explained. Earth is also a living organism and its health is declining day by day because of our so called growth and development. Probably humans are the most dangerous animals. We will have to
    Put in sincere efforts to save our Ailing Planet.


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