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Who Am I ?

Once it happened, Gautama, The Buddha was going to take Maha Samadhi and leave his body consciously. Ananda who was Buddha’s favorite disciple wanted to ask him one last question which had been there in his mind all the time and now he wanted to ask it before Buddha leaves his body. Without any further… Continue reading Who Am I ?

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‘Life will play tricks on you’

Once it happened, there were three Indian philosophers who were waiting on a railway station. The train was already parked on the platform, However, there were still 25 minutes for it to leave. All three of them decided to sit on a tea stall right adjacent to the platform to kill the time. One of them… Continue reading ‘Life will play tricks on you’

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Is there God or No God?

Once It happened, Buddha was sitting with his disciples giving a sermon. It was early morning and The Sun was still not fully up. There was a man who was a great believer in GOD. He spent all his life spreading the word of God to everybody. Towards the last years of his life suddenly… Continue reading Is there God or No God?

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‘Buddha: The story of Enlightenment’

The Beginning:¬† Siddhartha Gautama was born in a Royal family and his father was a king. When Gautama was born, his father invited a great sage of that time to their palace to seek his blessings for a great future and prosperity. The Sage was provided best possible hospitality by the king. It was a… Continue reading ‘Buddha: The story of Enlightenment’

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The Burning Ocean

Those moments were really Strange……..The Ocean of thoughts was burning inside…….The impulse within was surfing the waves of dilemma……………I was wondering what this life is about……..I tried hard to crack the Riddle…….But failed………Then suddenly, when I almost gave up……..A revelation emerged from within………..I just sat silent and experienced the subtlety of what was happening……..It seemed… Continue reading The Burning Ocean

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‘Peaceful Mind’: Panacea to all Problems

Have you ever noticed, when you are peaceful and equanimous within yourself, Just about every simple act in your life turns beautiful and When you are angry or stressful, Most wonderful things mean nothing to you? I believe every one of you at some point in time in your life must have experienced it. The… Continue reading ‘Peaceful Mind’: Panacea to all Problems


The Idea of ‘Good & Bad’

One of the biggest dilemmas in my life has been this idea of ‘What is Good’ & ‘What is Bad’. I remember right from my childhood just about every elder in the family will start giving a lecture on good and bad. Depending on their own experiences, they used to give speeches on this subject.… Continue reading The Idea of ‘Good & Bad’

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‘One day the life within will leave…….’

One day the life within will leave this mortal coil (The Body)……….And will merge once again into its original source (The Universe)……………I wonder how precious this life force is…….Coz this makes us¬†experience all the possibilities of life…………..We are not even a tiny spec compared to the cosmos…………..However, the life within, makes us feel our own… Continue reading ‘One day the life within will leave…….’