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Classical Music & Life : An Experiential Perspective

Until recent just a few years ago before I started meditating, my connection with music was not very deep. Once in a while, I used to tune in to Radio FM or Television to listen to the music. And that too used to be mostly the Indian Bollywood Songs or sometimes the English songs. But… Continue reading Classical Music & Life : An Experiential Perspective

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‘It pays to be Happy & Joyful’

Just look back in your life and see; For all those moments when you were really happy and joyful how was your experience and for all those moments when you were angry and depressed how was your experience. Certainly, there was a world of difference in both the cases. I am sure when you were… Continue reading ‘It pays to be Happy & Joyful’

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“The Fundamental Nature of Human Beings”

For eons, such questions have been asked by the people as to what is the fundamental nature of a human being & what is it for which a human being is longing for. I believe each one of us already knows the answer although experientially that’s not true with many of the people. The fundamental… Continue reading “The Fundamental Nature of Human Beings”

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When you feel the exuberance of life to its fullest…………..And you don’t strive to be joyful, That is Freedom………..When you are happy for no reason & you experience the fulfillment deep within, That is Freedom…………Look at yourself and reflect, How many psychological prisons you have built in your mind and are getting constantly trapped in… Continue reading “Freedom”

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‘Happy Human beings are Harmless’

Have you ever noticed that when you are really happy, everything seems to be fine in your life? If you are happy and you happen to see someone whom you don’t like, there is more likely that you will embrace that person instead of fighting with him, simply because you are in a pleasant state… Continue reading ‘Happy Human beings are Harmless’

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‘Hills Are Calling’

When you cannot walk barefoot on land & wherever you see is an expanse of sand, When the mighty sun is burning hot and slowly mercury starts rising, this means; Hills are calling!   When pressure of work takes a toll and you want to get a leisurely stroll, When internal space starts suffocating &… Continue reading ‘Hills Are Calling’

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‘The Caged Bird’

Sitting inside a cage a bird is tweeting, when will I get free these words he is repeating; His mother must be worried that her child never returned, Out of this pain, she must be weeping!   Every morning when sun rises from horizon, the bird stands up & he starts to chirp; I have… Continue reading ‘The Caged Bird’