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‘Yoga & Panch Bhutas: Cleansing of your five elements’

I hope by now you must have understood the profoundness & depth of yogic science for you as a piece of creation in the vast cosmos. It’s now time to have a deeper look at the very ingredients & mechanics of what makes our body, matter & this whole universe. When I say creation, I… Continue reading ‘Yoga & Panch Bhutas: Cleansing of your five elements’

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Yoga Asanas: The scientific way to achieve health & well being

Here I have explained about the scientific basis of yoga asanas and how they can revolutionize the very way we experience our life. It gives us an insight that yoga is not a philosophy, Its a technology to transform human beings.

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YOGA: The union of ‘I’ with the ultimate possibility’

This article is simply about understanding the true meaning of yoga & Also understanding the true nature of human being. The emphasis is on the fact that we all human beings are interconnected with the cosmic activity. So the microcosm & the macrocosm is a one single unified activity of the whole universe. Aadi yogi, ie.e The first yogi ‘Shiva’said it almost 15000 years ago & today the scientists have also started saying the same.