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‘Drop temporary identities to experience Life’

When you were born, you came as an open limitless possibility in this cosmos. A child doesn’t have any conditioning of its own, but slowly over a period of time as the child grows up, he starts imbibing the qualities which surround him. Or in other words, a child starts to get identified with almost… Continue reading ‘Drop temporary identities to experience Life’

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‘You don’t have enemies in life’

Your enemy is yourself in a different uniform. If you see the reality of life, you will experience everything as a part of yourself. If you have that experience, then there is no question of having an enemy because you experientially realize that the life which is throbbing within you is the same life which… Continue reading ‘You don’t have enemies in life’

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‘Different States of Consciousness’

In the previous article, we understood what is Consciousness or Awareness and what is its inherent nature. It’s time now to talk about different stages of awareness or awakening which a person goes through before he finally realizes his true self. In Yoga there have been defined 7 states of consciousness which are as follows:… Continue reading ‘Different States of Consciousness’

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Dhyana (Meditation): A tool to dissolve yourself & attain the ultimate sense of Oneness

Dhyana is the seventh limb of Ashtaang yoga propounded by Maharishi Patanjali thousands of years ago. Since in the earlier articles we already have looked upon deep into Yamas, Niyamas, Asnas & Pranayama. There can not be a better time than this to introduce you to a tool which has the ability to take you… Continue reading Dhyana (Meditation): A tool to dissolve yourself & attain the ultimate sense of Oneness