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‘Silence rules the Cosmos’

Have you ever looked up into the sky and gazed at the stars? Did you ever sit on a seashore and experienced an ocean? Did you ever go into the jungle and sit in the wilderness? If you haven’t done any of these; I would recommend you should because that is what will take you… Continue reading ‘Silence rules the Cosmos’

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‘Being Vs. Convenience’

If you don’t need someone for any particular reason, but still you choose to be with that person totally; that is of a significant value. If you choose to be with someone just because you have silly little expectations from that person, that’s called as the convenience. Taking this as a parameter we can evaluate… Continue reading ‘Being Vs. Convenience’

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‘Meditation lies in the absolute stillness of Body & Mind’

I am sure you have noticed this in your day to day life situations. When your body is working perfectly well and doing what you want, you don’t really pay attention to it. Which means, you don’t think of the body as a body on a regular basis. It is just taken for granted and… Continue reading ‘Meditation lies in the absolute stillness of Body & Mind’

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‘Understanding Consciousness’

The following analogy will help you understand consciousness in the simplest way: Space within a room is contained inside four walls, However, space doesn’t belong to the four walls. Space is very much a part of the larger space out there. Space was not generated by the walls, rather space is pre-existent and we built… Continue reading ‘Understanding Consciousness’

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‘Cycles of Time’

The nature of the physical universe is cyclical, including your own body. The word ‘Cyclical’ means something which repeats itself over a period of time. For e.g The rotation of Earth around the Sun is cyclical. The rotation of our entire Solar system around the Milky way galaxy is cyclical in nature. If you don’t learn… Continue reading ‘Cycles of Time’


‘Rhythm of life’

Have you ever paid attention to the fundamental nature of your own life? I think for many of us the answer is No………….Just step out of the four walls where you have imprisoned yourself…………….And see the gamut of phenomena which is happening in this universe………Just be little sensitive to the life around……….And the source of… Continue reading ‘Rhythm of life’