Life · Musing

‘Cycles of Time’

The nature of the physical universe is cyclical, including your own body. The word ‘Cyclical’ means something which repeats itself over a period of time. For e.g The rotation of Earth around the Sun is cyclical. The rotation of our entire Solar system around the Milky way galaxy is cyclical in nature.

If you don’t learn to handle the cyclical nature of who you are, then this will lead to endless suffering because what we are calling as the human being inherently doesn’t like anything which is repetitive.

It’s like a person who is surfing on the waves of the ocean. If you are a bad surfer, then bigger the wave, bigger is the chance that you will get crushed by it. If you are a good surfer, then bigger the wave, bigger is the possibility of experiencing it to the fullest.

Only if you know how to ride the cycles of time, you will experience life to its full potential. If you don’t pay attention to it, then every action which you take will crush you and bend you in ways which you won’t like and then you will wonder why do I even exist in such a planet!

Its time that we pay attention to our inner nature using tools like yoga, meditation, self reflection, mindfulness etc. so that we can become a great surfer.

Peace and Love!


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