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‘Your thoughts don’t belong to you’

One of the reasons why people have so much obsession towards everything is that they are over-identified with their own thought process. Suddenly a creepy thought crops into our mind and then we get stuck in that. Once a thought starts rotating within our mind, again and again, we have started the very process of manufacturing misery for ourselves. If you have ever paid attention, you will find that suffering always lies in a single thought. If we just let go of that single thought, there can be no possibility of suffering within a human being.

As I already mentioned, because we are too much identified with our thought process, if there comes a thought in our mind we start to think this is it. Once we think this is it, that’s the genesis of suffering. Over a period of time if that little nasty thought manages to stay in your mind, then it will not take much time to snowball into something big. Once that happens, it is almost impossible to get out of it. What was just a molehill will now become a mountain.

Let me disclose something which will really be an eye-opener for you. Most of the people believe that whatever thoughts they have in their minds, they belong to them, But the fact of the matter is that almost 99 percent of your thoughts don’t belong to you. When I say your thought doesn’t belong to you, this simply means that whatever you are thinking most of the time is just a consequence of the social conditioning which you have been fed with right from your childhood. The very way you think, feel and act is guided by the software which you develop over a period of time according to the situations in which you exist.

All human beings are fundamentally made the same way. Which means as a basic life form we all are same, then why it is so that none of the 7.2 billion people in the world are thinking along the same lines. The most obvious answer is, It depends upon what times we were born, what kind of culture we were brought up, what kind of social and economic situations existed around us and above all what kind of thought process people carried when we were growing up. All these are the contributing factors to the way we are today.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are just a bundle of conditioned ideas, thoughts, opinions and prejudices. Probably out of thousands of thoughts which occurs in our mind, just one or two thoughts are really ours and rest all of them are just social trash which doesn’t mean anything from the existential standpoint. Once you become aware of this reality, then it has the potential to bring about a significant change in your life.

You will experientially realize that you were unnecessarily giving too much importance to your thought and emotion. Even if let’s say you had a thought which you are claiming to be yours, then also you don’t have to strongly identify with it because after all thought is just a psychological process. If you become identified with your psychological process, the only thing which will happen to you is that you will miss life.

Just put your hands on your heart and remember all those moments wherein you were really joyful and happy. Now just pay attention and see, were you involved with your psychological thought process during those moments or were you really bubbling with life and enjoying those moments. You can lie to someone else but you can’t lie to yourself. Obviously, you were experiencing & enjoying every moment of your life during your happy days. So that’s what will happen to your all the time if you just do one thing and i.e keep your thought process limited to the extent it is needed.

Do not identify with your thought process because anyway it’s not yours. If something is happening that’s good, if something is not happening, that’s even better because now you are getting another chance to do the same thing again which you really wanted to do. Once the psychological drama has been put on the back seat, suddenly the life will explode with a big bang and you will start enjoying the roller coaster ride.


Peace & Love!


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