Life · Poetry


Rain! Rain! here you came, you took away everybody’s pain,

Rain! Rain! here you came, my mind started walking the memory lane!


I remember when we were tiny tots & used to play with the earthen pots,

You used to come silently in-between & we used to start to dance and trot!


With rain everything comes back to life, the birds, animals & plants starts to thrive,

Everything which was lying dead and dry, suddenly starts itself to heal and revive!


High up in the mountains, you become tiny snow flakes, as you move down to planes, you become a million drops of water;

Whatever form you take it doesn’t matter, the only goal you have is to become one with earthly platter!


The sound of a hiss on a burning land, is a perfect reminder of the soreness of earth,

If these droplets don’t kiss the land, resources will be scarce & life will fall into dearth!


It pains deep down when people don’t care, they think you are just like any another affair,

They don’t seem to understand & know, that without you there will be no meaning & prayer!


Dear Rain! please come every year on time, this is the request of a singing wind chime,

Dear Rain, please keep nourishing the life, so that nobody has to face the rift and strife!



With love for life!





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