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Forgiveness beyond words

The eminent leader of Indian independence movement ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ rightly mentioned that ‘Weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong’. There can not be a better explanation than this about forgiveness. Forgiveness seems to be just 11 lettered word, but it has the capability to transform your life in a big way. If forgiveness becomes an integral part of your life, then it can change the very way you interpret your life experiences. Forgiveness is not an act, it’s a certain quality. Hence forgiveness has nothing to do with someone apologizing to you. You simply forgive because you are able to foresee what another person can’t. You clearly know that those who are doing something undesirable to others are actually unaware of the fact that by harming others they are bringing misery to themselves only.

Those people who think by hurting others they can gain happiness, they clearly do not understand the web of life & its interconnectedness with everything else which exists in this nature be it a human being, animal life, plant life or even an entity or an object. Forgiveness leads to freedom. The freedom from those thoughts and emotions which creates unpleasantness in your own mind. In most of the cases when someone did bad to you, you seem to lose balance in your life. Unpleasant emotions slowly start to take you over and then you become good for nothing. Nelson Mandela once said that having a resentment is like drinking poison and thinking that other person would die. This clearly shows that resentment is not going to take you anywhere. If you really want to get rid of the feeling of resentment, then forgiveness is the first step. You should forgive not necessarily because someone came to you and asked for it. It’s because of your own quality.

You clearly understand and is able to have a bigger picture of life. If you do not forgive, you will always be carrying the burden of negative thoughts & emotions within you, which will disturb you all the time. It’s better to let go. In personal and professional life you will find a lot of people who will try to let you down. If you do not consciously dissociate yourself with whatever they say, you will suffer in a huge way. You need to realize that the person who is poking you is a victim of ignorance. Just think and observe only those people who are not happy within themselves will ever have the courage to create unpleasantness for others. People who have not experienced the immensity of being truly joyful by themselves can ever attempt to bring dejection to others. If you look back in your life, you will remember that even those people who have a habit of troubling others, when they were truly joyful within themselves, they seemed to be genuinely good to others. That is a real proof that joyful people never indulge themselves in unpleasant activities. I am sure if you deeply reflect within, you will find that this fits well in every situation. Forgiveness doesn’t take much. It’s just a matter of willingness.

I have seen people who can simply not get rid of an incident which might have happened many years back and is still a source of misery for them. This reminds me of a story. Once upon a time, there were two sisters living in the countryside. One day they had a tiff over something and they decided not to talk to each other. 35 years passed by, but both of them neither spoke nor visited. One day suddenly the elder sister fell seriously ill and was on the deathbed. The younger one came to know from the family circle that her sister was on deathbed. She finally decided to visit her. They spoke for the first time in 35 years. The elder sister told her that if I die, then consider that I have forgiven you, but if I somehow managed to survive then the situation still remains the same as it was before. So what it means is that even on the death bed the elder one is not willing to forgive her younger sister after so many years. This happens with many many people in the world. This is because we people give too much significance to our puny thoughts and cause sufferings to ourselves. Unfortunately, we believe that we are always right; it’s only the other person who is wrong and is not trying to understand the situation. This approach is very irrational.

If you strive to know the nature of life, you will see that ‘Forgiveness’ will naturally blossom within you. No matter how bad someone has done to you, If you are simply able to forgive without even them asking for it, you will see that your life will transform. Transformation doesn’t mean that you will go to heaven after you die. Transformation simply means that you will be in utter peace & joy within yourself which life itself can not deny to you. If the humanity has to evolve in the right direction, forgiveness is one of the first qualities which need to germinate within each human being on this planet.

So what are you waiting for, Its time to ‘Forgive’ everyone & everything to awaken the higher possibilities of your life.

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3 thoughts on “Forgiveness beyond words

  1. In my understanding, forgiveness can neither be active nor passive because it is not an action, it’s a quality. And for sure you must forgive all those people no matter whether they are present or gone. If not much, it will at least relieve you of all the burden and negative emotions which you were carrying with you all the time. Ultimately forgiveness leads to a peaceful way of being. If you don’t forgive, there are chances that you may suffer whenever you will think of that particular person or incident.


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